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Welcome to the Hallowed Spaces. The website for the National Historic Cemetery and Mausoleum Center. Please check back regularly as the organization continues to develop in the coming months.

Our Mission: The mission of the National Historic Cemetery and Mausoleum Center is to promote, advocate, and support the preservation and care for of these hallowed spaces.

What Happened to the Historic American Cemetery and Mausoleum?
Historic cemeteries and mausoleums are often a challenge and underserved cultural and historic resource in the realm of historic preservation today. Many resources are available to teach and train for proper stone conservation and inventory techniques of historic cemeteries, but there is yet to be a truly comprehensive model concerning the long terms sustainability and management of these sacred properties. Historic cemeteries, and varying degrees of emphasis, rules, regulations, and general lack of understanding of the historic value of these properties is often overlooked or make it difficult effectively support cemetery conservation management.

The result has been deteriorating historic cemeteries and mausoleums with a lack of leadership, or boards that have dissolved completely. Endowments have dwindled, maintenance costs have skyrocketed, local leaders and the public struggle to find the resources to care for these sacred places.

A proposed solution:
We are seeking the support of a nationally recognized university with a reputation in historic preservation, architecture, and planning to develop the National Historic Cemetery and Mausoleum Center. This new entity will seek to create a centralized location for technical support, create a legal clearing house for laws from across, advocate provide training on key workshops and fundraising to name a few. We are seeking to develop a model funding structure example beginning with Illinois, and the Beecher Mausoleum, and will be addressing the current laws and the long term care of non-profit and municipally owned cemeteries and mausoleums.